Senior Content Consultant , Brilliant Noise

Stephanie is brilliant. A star rising rapidly, her intellect and enthusiasm make everything feel possible.

The CMO of EDF Energy wanted people to engage with their brand for longer than 30 seconds (the average length of a TV ad); a tough ask, as no one loves an energy company. Steph responded to the challenge by setting up our influencer marketing practice. Using data-led customer persona, and deep analysis of influencers' data, she profiled the ideal choices to reflect both the brand, and the interest of their target audience. She commissioned a six part series featuring Mother Pukka, Jim Chapman, Dr Alex & Wes Nelson and more, building a great rapport with every individual and allowing them to perform as their authentic best. The results spoke for themselves. Steph and the team smashed the target with an average viewing time of 3 mins 40 seconds.

Oh, and did we mention - Steph then went on to author a new book, Cut through the hype: How to make better influencer marketing with online creators, divulging her top tips and tricks for the marketing community to consume. She led the creative campaigns for the book launch all-the-while mentoring junior colleagues about the process.

Steph sees every project as a challenge to dedicate herself to fully - every step of the way. She is a creator and innovator, constantly evolving and developing her creative practice.