CEO , It's Penalty

In 2014, Sarah de Carvalho founded It's a Penalty Campaign - to advocate on behalf of exploited children and adolescents, speaking out against human trafficking and exploitation.

It's a Penalty emerged from Sarah's recognition that global sporting events provided a major conduit for human trafficking/exploitation. Instead, Sarah believed that the thousands gathering together could be used as a force for good, so she launched It's a Penalty to seize the opportunity that these major events offer, harnessing global passion for sport to impact widespread social change.

By creating It's a Penalty, Sarah has pioneered a unique approach to campaigning and advocacy, striving to educate vast audiences on the signs to look out for, equip people with ways to make a report, and encourage everybody to report potential crimes.

Sarah has built a global brand platform, championing a vibrant web of stakeholders: mobilising travel/tourism, sporting governing bodies/hosting committees, local/international NGOs, media, governments, corporations and law enforcement, to help make an impactful change.

Sarah is the driving force behind It's a Penalty; without her dedication, conviction and vision for change, the campaigns would not achieve such a powerful impact. The 2020 Miami Super Bowl campaign gained immense coverage on British Airways, American Airlines, Fox News, MSNBC, ESPN, among others, reaching over 378 million people worldwide. The results: 22 trafficking victims and 4 missing children identified and recovered; 47 traffickers arrested; and a 16.2% increase in reporting to Miami hotline.