Group CEO , Adpro Communications, Adpro OMD

With over three decades of experience in the advertising sector, Rana is one of the most influential figures in the communications industry in Jordan today. Rana has been instrumental in shaping and setting the new tone in the industry and taking the Agency through consecutive wins. She is known today for producing some of the most memorable campaigns in Jordan, winning her country its first international advertising award, the Silver Keithreihard Award, as well as 100+ local and regional awards.

In the 90s, Hamarneh was the first creative female creative director in the Middle East to participate in the "Art of Advertising" and the "1994 Clio Awards.” Rana took part in the Leadership Network New York and was a member in the IAA. Rana sat on several boards in the country and worked within a team of communication consultants for the several projects for the Prime Ministry of Jordan, and other official offices in the Kingdom.

Rana was named as the Most Influential Woman in a Communications Agency in Jordan in 2020, 2018, 2017, 2015, and 2006. According to Ipsos stat in 2016, Adpro Communications had a total monitored billing of $21 million, making it the number one creative and media agency and one of the most stable and leading creative and media Agencies in Kingdom, today representing OMD locally.

Beyond the Agency doors, Hamarneh has dedicated a big part of her life to mentorship programs across the nation, seeding hope everywhere she goes, providing opportunity, guidance, and counseling for the youth, helping them find better paths for their future, and motivating to keep going against the odds in a society that in some parts still doubts the ability of a woman beyond the kitchen.