Managing Director , Beacon Agency

When starting a new business, you have to make hard decisions - it's part and parcel of your role as MD. In March, when the pandemic and the first lockdown hit, Beacon was just over a year old with only two full time employees. With many businesses closing up shop, Jess was hit with a choice: furlough her other member of staff and try to stay afloat, or go out all guns blazing.

Jess Hadleigh has never been one to quit, and it's a good job that in a question of fight or flight, she chose to fight. Since then, the team has grown to 5 full time members of staff and we've brought on 5 new clients within the smart tech industry.

Aside from managing Beacon's response to COVID-19, Jess's leadership is a huge part of what makes Beacon so special. Her unbridled dedication to the industry, and passion for bringing stories to life have made the agency a huge success within the space. Having worked in numerous agencies prior, she saw a better way of running an agency - and has not relented as she brings that vision to life.

Her vast knowledge of both marketing and smart tech, a real commitment to diversity and inclusion, and an ethos of keeping her staff safe and secure - especially in such a turbulent time - makes her a formidable force of good in the industry, and a leader that you'd follow to the ends of the earth.