Vicki Maguire

Vicki Maguire, Chief Creative Officer, Grey London
Vicki Maguire is nothing short of a beacon of creativity.
She’s the rarest of talents – an incredible creative, a woman leading the charge and a force for modernising our industry.

From her first steps at BDDH, she’s worked on campaigns for some of the best agencies in the world – including Widen + Kennedy, Mojo and Amsterdam International.

She’s just celebrated 10 years at Grey London where’s she’s created some of her most iconic work.

Her ‘Staying Alive’ for British Heart Foundation film starring Vinnie Jones has collected more than 35 major awards, but most importantly it's saved more than 50 lives (and counting). The Angina Monologues, also for the BHF, earned Vicki a coveted British Comedy Award. She also worked on the multi-award winning Life Paint campaign for Volvo and most recently she oversaw the creative team behind the UN’s People Seat campaign with Sir David Attenborough.

In 2016 she became the chair of the Creative Circle Awards, becoming the first woman ever to hold that position.

As Grey London’s Chief Creative Officer she’s part of a very small group of women in senior creative roles, a depressing fact she’s not afraid to shame the industry for. She’s an outspoken reminder of what women have fought for and she continues to push for equality in the industry.