Veronica Millan

MullenLowe Group

As one of only a handful of female and Latina CIOs in this industry, Veronica has always known her rightful place in the universe and the metaverse. She is a champion of business transformation and global collaboration who was responsible for successfully transitioning a network of approximately 6400 people, in 90+ offices across 65+ countries to be fully connected and engaged, while working from home, within the first months of the pandemic. She continues to lead and adapt effectively through this ever-changing landscape.

Veronica has shifted the perception of IT from a ‘help desk’ to an integral part of our business. She has built, tested, and implemented over 20 tech tools in the past year that enables people to work smarter. She has created a series of real-time mailers that consistently feed the entire organization important information about cyber threats, scams, emerging tech, and training. Putting a friendly face on topics that were typically ignored led to a 15% increase in employee engagement. She is truly committed to diversity and inclusion and has created an environment that stands out among IT departments. During her tenure, she has seen a 25% increase in women and people of colour in her teams. She challenges leaders to look beyond hiring norms and requires them to take cognitive bias courses while providing tools and access to continuous development in human interaction training. Veronica is also an active member and mentoring partner of T200, an invite-only organisation that elevates women in tech.