Tamara Gillan

Tamara Gillan, Founder & CEO, Cherry London
Tamara is a visionary partnership marketing leader, who constantly pushes the boundaries of gender balance. A single mother and entrepreneur, Tamara started her own marketing agency 10 years ago, creating an environment where women can flourish and produce meaningful, engaging work.

Through her own experience, Tamara recognised the struggle many women have to grow their own companies is often down to lack of available funding for female founders. She set out to address this and change the finance industry to make it fit for the future by creating The WealthiHer Network. It brings together 13 leading organisations to better understand and support women to grow their wealth. Never before have competitive financial institutions worked together to achieve a common goal.

With Tamara leading the charge, incredible changes are being made to address the gender balance in finance. In just six months since launch, Tamara and her female team have conducted the UK’s largest study into women’s wealth, opened the London Stock Exchange, joined the UN Women Global Innovation Council, generated over £500,000 of media coverage, engaged with millions of women and are developing an agenda for change, all with the end goal to better serve women.

With all Cherry London’s clients, Tamara strives to ensure work reflects positive representation of women. This includes being one of the first brands to feature curvy women with Simply Be and women over 45 with JD Williams. She is actively involved with the Women in Marketing Awards, judging and presenting their 2019 event.