Sachini Imbuldeniya

News UK

Sachini is Creative Director of News UK’s content agency, Bridge Studio. Her creative leadership contributed to Bridge Studio winning a host of industry awards including the Content Agency of the Year at the Campaign Publishing Awards in 2021.

Sachini recognised that the industry she loves lacks diversity. For too long companies have overlooked talented artists from four backgrounds: women, people of colour, people living with disabilities and people from working class backgrounds. As someone who fits into all four of these categories, Sachini wanted to use her voice in the industry to make a difference. Sachini took action by founding Studio PI, a photography and illustration agency that only champions artists from these underrepresented groups. She approached News UK with the idea and secured funding to support 20 artists, working as Studio PI’s Executive Creative Director alongside her current role. Studio PI has had a huge impact within the industry, securing commissions from clients including Adidas, The Guardian, Calvin Klein, Soho House and many more. Studio PI has joined forces with Agents For Change to further help tackle the inequalities across the industry. Sachini continues to grow Studio PI working with Equal Lens, as well as key editorial teams within The Times and Sunday Times, GQ, PORT Magazine and beyond. Thanks to Sachini, Studio PI has introduced a raft of new and under-represented talent to the creative industry, partnering their new and unique voices with some of the most well known brands in the UK and beyond.