Rebecca Pinn

Wunderman Thompson UK

Rebecca is an incredibly curious and considerate Senior Strategist who’s blossomed into a thoughtful leader. Empathy is her superpower; she believes in harnessing its positive effects.

In the last year she’s co-founded and leads Wunderman Thompson’s RISE women’s network supporting over 300 women and sat on the inclusion board. Through her work she’s introduced 4 walls sessions that provide a safe space for transparent conversations around topics like the menopause and burnout, hosted RISE and Wine nights for networking, sought funding for a mentoring platform and launched a campaign which raised £25,000 for Hestia. Her strategy is empathetic to others too. Working across global and national brands like IKEA, BT/EE, Sage and more she brings in depth understanding of Behavioural Science and how to apply it to reduce cognitive load or influence people in ways that benefit them. An approach that saves BT 32,000 customers a year, shortlisted for a Marketing Week Masters. Becs pitched for and won IKEA Small Business Network launch, with an idea founded in openness at a time when SMEs were shutting down, it beat acquisition targets by 100%, 3 months early. She was the linchpin in a project that used AI to find, categorise and remove online abuse, resulting in 25% reduction in hate over launch, shortlisted for a Data IQ award. Following a year where many felt quite alone, Rebecca’s proactivity and energy brought people together, including the 40+ strong strategy team, and her interesting, emotional and ‘wise beyond its years’ strategic thinking flourished.