Rebecca Bezzina

R/GA London

Since her appointment in March 2020, Rebecca immediately began rebuilding the agency’s leadership team and reestablishing R/GA as the leading digital innovation agency in the UK. Within 18 months, her new team was assembled and she led R/GA to Campaign’s Global Agency of the Year 2020.

And in 2021, Rebecca focused heavily in R&D and internal innovation, launching R/GA’s new Direct to Avatar capability - helping brands define their role in the metaverse. She led the agency to create purpose-driven innovation for Google with Auditorial: an experience that shows how the web can be more accessible for blind and low-vision readers, and ‘Preservation Play’, an initiative that generates new revenue streams for environmental charities. And she led on the agency's highly acclaimed new hybrid working model. By embracing change, innovation and ‘the unknown’, Rebecca has also seen our business grow significantly; achieving double-digit growth, and increasing revenue and head count significantly and leading the agency to win several new major clients including Allianz, Vollebak and Beam. But Rebecca’s influence spans further than the confines of R/GA. She has recently shared her expertise on BBC News and Sky News, and was named on the BIMA 100 and as an ‘Inspirational Women’ by We Are Tech Women. And she’s committed to the continual breaking and remaking of R/GA’s company culture, to continue to make R/GA a place in which everyone can succeed, regardless of intersectionality, with Equality, Diversity and Inclusion a sustained and continued focus that drives her leadership.