Melody Sylvester


Melody Sylvester leads from the front. Her focus has always been on craft, nurturing talent, mentorship and making a difference that shows up in the work and indeed the workplace. Her time at Engine has been about amplifying the voices of her team, elevating production within the agency and actively positioning producers further upstream in the creative process.

She recently produced the latest Sky Zero Carbon Net-Zero film “The Day The Moon Came to Earth”, allowing her to revisit her first love of animation after having produced animation for a large part of her career prior to joining Engine - Smith & Foulkes at Nexus & Shynola at Ridley Scott Associates. Engine’s long-running relationship with Women’s Aid and Born Free are priorities for her, and she helped facilitate the recent groundbreaking work for the Kiyan Prince Foundation. She firmly believes that agencies are in a unique position to drive cultural change and although there is still much work to do, it is possible to achieve. 2020 saw her leading the charge for introducing I-networks at Engine and forming the RISE Network, which represents cultural and ethnic diversity at Engine. 2021 saw this network curate and host its first art event for Black History Month with Disrupt Space, and the rollout of regular cultural events, including podcasts and webinars with emerging talent. The future is set to build on all of this as she aims to launch entry-level internships and placements in production as part of her vision for Engine Film’s growth.