Meghan Farren

Meghan Farren, CMO, KFC UK&I
Meg has been at the helm during the most awarded, effective and courageous period for marketing at KFC.

“We’re Sorry” (known by some as that FCK bucket) won Cannes gold in 2018, “From AFC – ZFC” won silver in 2019 and the campaign launching new fries “Ain’t No Small Fry” recently won gold at the Effies. Yes, Meg lands some punchy work. But it’s the judgement and courage behind the work that speaks to Meg’s leadership.

Meg creates space to nurture great creative before it’s great, trusting her team to do the same and then acting decisively and with heart. During the distribution issues, in the face of unprecedented challenges it takes a certain sort of bravery to face head on into an issue, to own up, to say “we’re sorry”. It’s easy to throw caution to wind and grab attention to launch a new product line. It’s quite different to make a brave call when the pressure is on, when all eyes are on the brand. That’s courage.

Meg’s authentic leadership flows through every facet of KFC. She was behind KFC being the first signatory amongst peers to the Better Chicken Commitment; KFC’s commitment to reduced calories per serving by 20% by 2025; the KFC Foundation to help young people unlock potential.

The brand came into 2019 stronger, KFC’s (YouGov) Brand Health scores are at an all-time high and this is because Meg has built a team who trust and respect her as a brilliant Marketer, leader and human being.