Lucinda Droulers


In her time with us, Lucy has far exceeded our hopes for her and her role. She’s shown that she’s comfortable with any client, she’s comfortable running a large team, and she gets results seemingly without effort. There aren’t many people who can lead an execution layer in a business to such a high standard. Promoting her to Head of Account Management was in recognition of her ability to get more out of such a crucial department in our business, and her transition towards more strategic thinking.

She is now driving the future of the department. Her ability to do so within MiQ is the hint to how successful her future will be. Other department heads have their own agendas, as do her counterparts in other markets – Lucy builds coalitions and consensus around her vision, and stakeholders believe in her resolve to get them the outcomes they want. She does not confine her thinking to our past, or premature notions of what is or isn’t possible. She wants us to stay on the cutting edge of our industry and is able to adapt as necessary because she wants us, and media in general, to be the best it can be for its advertisers. Being a “rising star” is more about the future than the past or present. For MiQ, Lucy is that future. Nick Hill, Regional Director, Trading and Client Services, MiQ