Laura Braithwaite & Kate Merritt

Liberty Hive

In March 2020 Kate and Laura registered Liberty Hive with Companies House. Their vision was to disrupt the media industry by dialling up flexibility in the workplace, made possible by creating a dedicated technology platform for media specialists.

Launched in February 2021, Liberty Hive connects consultants and media businesses quickly and easily. Turning the tables on traditional recruitment, the instant matching technology means it behaves more like a dating service for the media industry! The tech does the heavy lifting whilst the Founders build this new community. Talking to every new member, providing advice and guidance, their approach is inclusive to all. Over eight months in and the results have exceeded targets. The consultant pool has grown by 240% with over 450 consultants and 67 companies both benefiting from record time connections – 18 hours is their PB! The simple and open pricing model of £595 to post has collectively saved companies nearly £200K. Liberty Hive’s diverse talent pool is ahead of the IPA targets, this month 71% of connections were female, 24% from ethnic backgrounds and 43% are parents. 40% of all funds have been reinvested into the technology, upgrading the platform based on community feedback. The ambitious plans for 2022 will be funded by a second investment round, not put off by the recently published stats that only 1.4% of funds are invested in female founders. This new talent platform was borne out of a love of the industry and a determination to make a positive change for Talent.