Kate Tancred

Untold Fable

Kate’s frustration at the lack of diversity in advertising and production led her to not just being vocal (having spoken on the issue on BBC, Bloomberg, Cannes Film Festival, DMexco, New Fronts, LDV Summit) but to provide a solution that would create tangible change for brands, talent and society.

After 10 years driving the efficiencies and creativity of a successful production offering, in February 2021 she launched Untold Fable, a progressive tech powered platform that connects brands with a curated network of diverse, award-winning talent. Kate partnered with AFG (AnalogFolk Group) to create the technology powered platform. Kate has designed Untold Fable’s technology platform and business to deliver the future we want to see, where diversity in production is the norm, not the exception. The technology behind the platform allows Untold Fable to connect brands with new perspectives and voices, and through increased transparency and richer data, is able to support them on their own diversity journeys. At the heart of Untold Fable is its commitment to increasing diversity at every stage of content production. It’s why its global network of production talent is proudly open to all. It’s how Untold Fable can connect brands with diverse talent, experiences and skill sets, anywhere. And it’s how the company is able to create meaningful content that truly reflects its world. The tech design of the platform powers this. Untold Fable is in its ninth month of operation and is working with clients including: Nike, TikTok, Bayer, BT, Stella Artois and Audible.