Karen Stacey

Digital Cinema Media

Since 2015, Karen has led the charge in reassessing the cinema medium, raising its status among the industry as a premium, impactful, effective and creative opportunity, one that is a must-have, not nice-to-have. She has transformed a traditional medium seen to be in decline to a thriving one. She brings with her wisdom, business acumen and creativity, but at the same time a simple and effective approach, and can take the most complex of issues, analyse it and turn into something that is achievable. This is exactly what she has done over the last 12 months.

Karen injected life and passion into what was the most challenging time in her business’ history, when it was forced to close for a long period while the rest of the industry, albeit in its own challenging state, carried on moving around her. The strength of her leadership and her determination meant she rolled up her sleeves to focus on areas that would create true relevancy and develop a brighter future for not just the company, but her whole workforce. Karen is held in the highest regard by her team and across the advertising and media industry, where through representation on various boards and groups she also champions diversity, inclusion and fairness and, this year more than ever, she deserves to be recognised further with a place on Campaign’s Influential Women list.