Caroline Paris

Caroline Paris, Creative Director, Brave
Caz is a creative trailblazer with a fairly unique back story. Caz joined Brave 11 years ago straight from university and has worked her way to the top of the agency to be it's sole creative director at the age of 33. In that time the she has driven the agency to grow 10-fold. She has done everything that could be asked of a creative leader - drives creative product, nurtures talent, wins new business, speaks at industry events, genuinely promotes and celebrates all forms of inclusivity and diversity in her work, mentors and teaches emerging talent, has over seen the acquisition of the agency and actively integrated the agency into bigger parent whilst protecting the core culture, independence and integrity of the agency and its creative product.

Whilst she has been previously recognised in Campaign's Future Leaders and Pitch's 100 super women, I know her overall experience and her achievement s would be difficult to rival. Running a creative dept in a much larger network is much different to the skills and capabilities of building, growing and consistently improving an entire agency and for that I'm sure she and her story is an inspiration to any would be young creative talent. Above all that she is a humble, self less leader - where everything she has achieved has been through merit, work ethic, determination and relentless contagious ambition.