Strategist , Iris

When I joined Iris’ Strategy department two years ago, I promised myself I would be an energetic, welcoming and proactive member of the department.

As a singer-songwriter, I like to bring creative, musical experience and inspiration to my Strategy work. Recently, on a re-branding project, I collected visual, video and music references and recommended tangible, social media content ideas to bring the strategy to life. I felt so fulfilled when the client’s eyes brightened as she said ‘I know what we need to do now.’ It’s exciting to see my document now used within the agency as a brand strategy blueprint.

During the global pandemic, I have helped build a small Thought Leadership team at Iris. I’ve spoken to colleagues here and abroad, proposed relevant themes each month, interviewed business leaders from around the world, edited and written articles on where opportunity lies. My great hope is this work will continue to build Iris’ credentials as a proactive, ‘strategy-first’ agency, support our current clients and spark the attention of bold, brave new ones.

Remembering what it was like for me starting out as a Strategist, I’m also building a database of tools, resources, frameworks, cheat sheets and reading notes for those new to Iris. I’ll add to this and continue volunteering myself as a friendly-faced ‘buddy’ for Strategy starters. I hope – armed with this ever-growing bank of resources – the agency will hire new talent more regularly, confident they can pick up skills, build confidence and realise their potential fast.