Global Marketing & Communications Director Feminine Care , Essity

From Blood Normal, to Viva La Vulva, to most recently #wombstories, Tanja is pushing the boundaries with the brand’s acts of bravery. She and her team have built a brand purpose - to dismantle harmful taboos around periods, vaginas and vulvas that hold women back - which encourages the entire Essity FemCare team to push harder and demand more. More honesty. More conversation. More change. But it’s not easy, “This is what happens when whores and pimps become marketers and advertisers” said one social media hater in response to the campaign. But it hasn’t stopped her. 

 These campaigns have been celebrated by consumers, who thank Libresse and feel heard, supported and understood - saying “just in time for my daughter not to be ashamed” and “finally a brand that respects me”. They have changed advertising, media and cultural landscapes for good - overturning bans, changing media regulations, and even being showcased within the Museum of Modern Art and the Louvre. They have been acknowledged by the Buenos Aires Government for pushing the gender equality agenda through representations and supported by the French Secretary for Gender Equality, as well as winning the UN Award for Gender-responsive Marketplace Category in Malaysia and the Cannes Glass Lion for Change. Additionally, they’re used as unapologetic educational tools for gynecologists, who utilise them to continue breaking down those silencing and shameful taboos. 

 By continuing to demand more bravery in the work and refuse to bow down to tired category conventions, you can really make a difference.