Sara Pouri

Creative Director , AnalogFolk

Sara is an established creative director and mentor. Her work’s won some of the industry’s most sought-after awards, yet she felt awkward talking about them. Why? In early 2020, she found out she wasn’t alone. Women are four times more likely than men to use undermining language about themselves.

Sara and her team understood the powerful role language plays in gender inequality. It affects how women are perceived, their reviews, their interview performance and, ultimately, their pay and ability to reach senior positions. They decided to turn the tables.

The solution was BigUp.AI, a digital tool that helps women self-promote with impact.

Sara led a predominantly female, multi-disciplinary team to launch a beta version of BigUp.AI to coincide with IWD2020. It attracted attention from global national, consumer and trade press, becoming a trending topic online. Leaders from the creative industry, recruitment consultancies, education advisors and beyond were quick to praise BigUp.AI.

Crucially, the tool has helped 10K+ women so far. It’s been incorporated into industry initiatives and received a D&AD award for Future Impact. In November, Sara led the launch of phase two, which aims to help anyone affected by Covid-19 express themselves with confidence.

BigUp.AI exists because of Sara’s determination and passion for using her expertise to do what’s right. It inspired AnalogFolk to go further. This tool is a first of its kind in the world, but it’s also the first of what will become an annual investment from the agency in projects that drive positive societal change.