Founder & Managing Director , Studio PI

The creative industries have been blighted by nepotism and inequality for far too long.

Government stats show that women, people of colour, people living with disabilities and people from working class backgrounds are all greatly underrepresented in our industry. This matters to me: and not just because I fall into every single one of these categories. In an unequal world we all lose out.

To challenge and change this, I pitched News UK the idea of creating Studio PI: a photography and illustration agency that only promotes artists from these underrepresented backgrounds.

They got it immediately, investing in my vision. We are committed to supporting amazing under-represented talent, working to redress the imbalances and reshape the industry for future generations.

The middle of a pandemic is a difficult time to launch a new business, but we've since been inundated with positive feedback and support from clients and brands. In just four months Studio PI has signed twenty artists onto its roster and received more than 60 creative commissions including work for Calvin Klein, Samsung, Christian Louboutin, Volvo, Sky, Natwest, The FA, Eastpak, Stylist Magazine, The Guardian & Observer, GQ, Penguin and Time Out.