Lead Product Manager , Unruly

Rupinder Uppal is the Lead Product Manager at UnrulyEQ which is Unruly’s suite of data driven creative testing tools and unique targeting capabilities.

In seven short years Rupinder’s thirst for innovation through tech has seen her transition from a product support freelancer to leading the entire UnrulyEQ product suite, overseeing and managing all development and maintenance for the product.

She played a pivotal role in the acquisition of Unruly by Tremor International from News Corp at the start of 2020, overseeing the transition of reporting continuity and working across Tremor’s other businesses to ensure Unruly’s product suite was fully integrated.

During her time at Unruly, Rupinder has helped create and shape several tools which now make up the bulk of Unruly’s core offering including Unruly’s unique emotional and cultural targeting segments, data pipeline and transformation using AWS for automated reporting in Tableau, and EQ Trends - a dashboard showing macro level insights around advertising across different sectors and markets.

Believing that brands have a responsibility to be conscious of the messages that they are conveying to audiences, she also played a pivotal role in the creation of Unruly’s UNstereotpe testing which helps brands understand whether their advertisements are portraying positive or negative stereotypes and, if so, the types of stereotypes that are being portrayed.

Outside of Unruly Rupinder uses her experience to offer mentorship to people looking to get into product roles through an initiative from Revive, and she volunteers for Ladies Who Code, giving advice and leading CV building sessions.