Tracy Wood, Hannah Stephen , Clare Power, Katy Smith

Tracy Wood, Hannah Stephen, Clare Power, Katy Smith

The Police Now and Renegade team tackle one of the most urgent and important diversity and inclusion issues in society: building a police service representative of society, one better able to understand the issues, build trust and help improve the lives of all communities in England and Wales.

Our mission is to transform communities by recruiting, inspiring, and developing leaders in policing. Focusing on graduates from underrepresented backgrounds who wouldn’t normally consider a career in policing. Our diverse, majority female team has built a brand and recruitment campaigns that address head-on the difficult realities preventing black, Asian, minority ethnic, and females from joining the police.

Core to the brand is the bravery to do something new to attract a different type of person who will innovate and bring change through new ideas. Some groups are underrepresented in policing for difficult, society-wide reasons. We address and tackle these issues with honesty and work to support candidates through these barriers.

60% of Police Now recruits say they would never have gone into policing without Police Now. Together, we’ve recruited more than double the number of minority ethnic candidates compared to wider policing, with over 50% of those identifying as female.

In a partnership of commitment to driving change, the Police Now and Renegade team constantly challenge one another to push boundaries and attract the game-changing candidates we want to see in policing.

We’re helping to build a police service that’s more representative of society, building trust in policing and strengthening communities.