Tanja Grubner

Global Marketing & Communications Director Feminine Care, Essity (Libresse / Bodyform)
Working with AMV BBDO, Tanja and her team established a rallying cry to live by with Live Fearless. Together with teams from Mexico, Colombia, China, Malaysia, UK, France, Russia, and agency partners, she created Essity’s first global brand positioning for the FemCare category and had everybody sign it with blood. The ambition: to transform the category
·   from a problem-solution period business all about shameful periods, leaking young women,
products that must be hidden and focus on blood stain prevention
·   to a holistic intimate-care category that allows all people who menstruate to go comfortably with the flow, caring for their vulvas and vaginas their way

Together, through increasing acts of bravery, they’ve built a purpose for the brand, to break harmful taboos around periods, vaginas and vulvas that hold women back,  which encourages the entire FemCare team around the globe to push harder and demand more. More honesty. More conversation. More change.  Tanja worked with her team to implement this purpose internally too - inspiring and encouraging Essity employees. This has translated into motivation, attractiveness and a shared view that it is driving better business results:
A global survey amongst Essity Femcare employees, March 2020, showed they believed
·   96% - the purpose is the right thing to do for the brand and women
·   96% - the purpose makes them proud to work for the brand
·   86% - the purpose makes their everyday work more meaningful
·   86% - it attracts more talent
·   86% - will help us achieve better business results