Anna Baréz-Brown

Co-Founder, Shine for Women
Anna Baréz-Brown co-founded Shine for Women with Caroline Whaley in 2013. The company, which aims to make the corporate world a more human place, has reached over 75 different nationalities across four continents working with thousands of women. Anna is passionate about female empowerment, moving away from an alpha culture to creating new ways of working together that benefit all – men and women – of all ages. She helps companies to build working relationships based on trust, collaboration, empathy and flexibility with long term sustainability as the critical goal.

She is a renowned executive coach and has spent the last 18 years helping women and men reach the top of their careers. Before setting up her coaching company in 2001 she had a corporate career working for Axel-Springer AG and Bertelsmann AG in Hamburg and London overseeing their European Marketing and Sales activities. She was part of the digital revolution and one of the first female leaders in tech heading up a search engine from 1997 – 2001.

Anna is a CTI leadership coach, a Neuro Lingustic Master Practitioner and a qualified Organisational Relationship Systems Coach. Anna has two children (age 12 and 14) and lives with her husband Chris (Upping Your Elvis) and their two dogs in Lyme Regis in the UK. She is lucky enough to have an office with a sea view.