Marketing Communications & Brand

Lizzy leads all marketing, PR and brand work for the world's biggest podcast company - and leader of the UKs podcast industry - Acast. A podcast buff herself, she combines her deep love of both the medium and Acasts 20,000+ podcasts to encourage her team to deliver work and campaigns which have real, measurable impact in a thriving industry.

For example, when lockdown hit in March, Lizzy and her team deftly pivoted Acasts marketing strategy to launch Staycast - a campaign across Acasts 300 million-strong network of podcast listens as well as PR, social and digital. Staycast saw Acast podcasters around the world including My Dad Wrote A Porno, the Football Ramble and The High Low deliver important stay-at-home messages to listeners in their own unique styles, accompanied by brilliant podcast recommendations to listen to in lockdown. This was accompanied by live social broadcasts from podcasters for people stuck indoors including cookalongs, meditations and beauty tutorials. Staycast delivered over 40 million impressions globally and was created entirely in-house, with next to no spend.

Later in the year, Lizzy conceived and proactively sold in the GuestFest campaign to Comic Relief, which saw - for the first time ever - fans able to donate by entering a draw to win the chance to be the actual guest on their favourite podcasts including Off Menu, Redhanded and Private Parts. The initiative was promoted across Acasts network and through PR and social, raising tens of thousands of pounds for the charity (and made some podcast fans very happy indeed)