Head of Creative Production , This Here

Livvy Moore heads up all things creative, strategy and production at London based agency, This Here. Working for the likes of Dickies and The North Face, Livvy works with brands to craft globally relevant strategies with local impact.

With a background in production, Livvy will always opt to avoid desk work and get on set wherever possible. She takes shoots as an opportunity to push clients to think afresh when shaping production teams, asking them to be critical of the aggressive atmosphere that we can all be blind to, and unforgiving of the ego-maniacs and 'runner squashers' in space of fresh talent who need opportunities.

On set herself she leads by example: She is serenely in charge, commanding attention and control in a uniquely assuring way, one that puts those on the first rung of the ladder at the top of her mind. Those juniors are propelled forward in each and every interaction with Livvy, who gives her time and energy in an organised yet relaxed way to mentor and empower the next generation.

Livvy is an incredible steward of people. She brings others into conversations and wins them over so the execution for large scale projects is seamless. She can rally a group and enlist trust like no other.

Livvy’s greatest strength is her deep understanding of humanity and her true empathy. It’s through her honest and engaged listening that she understands and connects the dots at a level far greater than the superficial dialog.