Editor in Chief , The Stylist Group

Lisa Smosarski is Editor in Chief of The Stylist Group. Lisa has overseen a decade of change since she launched Stylist Magazine in 2009, back when she led the small team that started Stylist. It was built on a combination of passion, ambition, talent and takeaway pizzas. Lisa had a vision to create a magazine that treated women differently; intelligently. No paparazzi photos, no gossip, no diets, no mumbo jumbo. Well-researched, thought provoking articles for multifaceted women interested in politics, careers and culture as well as fashion and beauty. Stylist was founded on a fierce desire to be a champion and advocate for women. This was Lisa's desire. Stylist is now a multiplatform brand encompassing live events, a creative agency, high frequency print and mobile first content. Stylist reaches a monthly audience of over 4 million and helps market thousands of global brands. Lisa continues to lead the charge on every Stylist brand innovation, as well being a board director and an integral part of the strategic direction for company.