VP Head of Media, Merkle UK , Merkle

Alongside her role of Head of Media, Laura dedicates her own time towards leading the UK Diversity & Inclusion Councils pillars: Gender, Mental Health, Disability, Ethnicity, LGBTQ+ and Religion. Focused on educating and empowering employees across the business through events and communications, Lauras D&I strategy is supported by a robust calendar of activity such as Pride Week and guest speakers on days like International Day of Disabled Persons.

Laura has also spearheaded projects designed to improve Merkles D&I as a whole, working closely with the recruitment team to reduce the possibility of unconscious bias through the recruitment process and making unconscious bias training mandatory for all employees.

More recently Laura has elevated the D&I practices to the next level by starting to drive change outside of Merkle, through work with industry partners and clients. Through her leadership, Merkle became the first agency in EMEA to host Microsofts Inclusive Marketing training contributing to Merkle winning Microsofts Global Inclusive Culture & Marketing Award. Merkle also became one of the founding members of the Conscious Advertising Network, a voluntary organisation that aims to prevent ad abuse by promoting positive choices from agencies and brands alike.

Her continued drive for inclusivity saw her support longstanding client, Screwfix, in running their annual Top Tradeperson of the Year campaign which has historically been male dominated. Focusing the campaign to a more diverse audience increased CTR for females that exceeded that of males by 40% and for the first time ever, the selection of two female nominees.