Director , Katie Lingo Ltd

From what started as a 'side hustle' in September 2016, Katie Thompson has turned Katie Lingo into a hugely successful copywriting agency, working with global brands including SAP and DuPont. Katie has single-handedly grown the business by up to 144% year on year, working with some of Britain's best known agencies including Jaywing and Intermarketing Agency. Katie has run several 'viral' campaigns, including a hugely successful fundraising campaign for Deafblind UK, which hit fundraising targets five months ahead of schedule and attracted significant media coverage. Likewise, her ongoing work on the #Write52 campaign has attracted engagement from more than 120,000 viewers, and earned her award nominations at the UK Content Awards. Katie received three 'highly commended' awards at the Digital Women Awards 2020, including Digital Influencer of the Year, Digital Freelancer of the Year and Digital Woman of the Year. She also won Content Writer of the Year at the Corporate Livewire Awards. As a five-time marathon runner, Katie has inspired others to take on their own personal challenges, and regularly espouses her views on integrity in marketing on various podcast channels. She is a keen proponent of freelancers' rights and uses her vast influence to talk about what really matters, no matter how controversial the topic. Her 2020 #Write52 campaign has sparked debate on many issues including greenwashing, personal branding, sensitivity in marketing, recessions, mental health, BLM and more. Her unique blend of professionalism and sense of humour has seen Katie scale heights she never imagined, despite the pandemic.