UK advertising agencies are fast-paced, dynamic and produce advertising, media and marketing that is the envy of the world. And we’re the professional body that supports them. We have an unprecedented pool of knowledge they can draw on. We voice their concerns, showcase their work and continuously develop their skills to keep them at the top of their game. We are the power behind the practitioners. 

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising. Incorporated by Royal Charter.
The IPA exists to help our members be the best they can be. And we do this in a number of ways;

We set the protocols for the UK industry's best practice standards. So we can advise on how to choose an agency, how to run an agency or how to behave if you work in an agency. We also work collaboratively with our members to achieve our goal to improve diversity within the industry.

We listen to agency issues so that we can set or update policy, or lead the industry response on whatever might be troubling them.

Every year we help more than 4,000 practitioners future-proof their careers through our Continuous Professional Development Programme. We don’t just keep their careers on track, we help them flourish.

And through Effworks we aim to provide the advertising and marketing industry with resources and tools to realise the potential of truly accountable and effective marketing.

We use our knowledge of the industry to publish groundbreaking thought leadership. This could be on how advertising works across a multitude of channels, how agencies are using AI, or what the agency of the future will look like.

Day-to-day we are the go-to people on any agency-related query. So if you work in an agency we are automatically boosting your resources with our own. Which means that being a member isn’t a philanthropic gesture, it makes hard-nosed commercial sense.

That’s why it’s no coincidence, the most successful agencies are already IPA members.

The IPA. The power behind the practitioners.