ECD , McCann Manchester

I’ve created one of the industry’s most awarded and talked about campaigns for the Army with This is Belonging. I have angered Piers Morgan into debating my work on national TV.

In my first months at McCann Manchester, our Smyths ad became the number one watched Christmas ad on YouTube with almost 20 million views – and the star, Oscar, was signed by Sony.

I’ve mentored countless creatives, and sit on the SnapChat Global Creative Council.

We’re currently working with the IPA on the first ever Creative Apprenticeship scheme, to open up our industry to those without a degree. I’m also part of Represent Creative, an initiative that’s using social media to lift the lid on our industry to help those without experience or family links get a look in.

And, as for many women, writing about myself in this way kills me.

But I always swore that if I ever made it anywhere in my career, I would send the ladder back down.

So, I am committed to showing up. Because we cannot be what we cannot see. So I will always say yes to the panel; enter awards (and not ask my male CCO to enter for me, tempting though it is) and step forward to represent not just myself, but the thousands of other creatives out there who once looked at the industry and thought – I don’t belong there. Well, come and speak to me. Because there’s life outside the M25. And we’re changing things round here.