Vicky Smalley

Vicky Smalley, Chief Technology Officer, FundamentalVR
Vicky Smalley has extensive tech experience, starting her career specializing in Artificial Intelligence for PC and Console titles and has since moved her focus on the educational sector. She is passionate about new technology and since 2017 has been CTO at FundamentalVR, working with cutting edge VR and haptic technology to deliver immersive training that will improve surgical outcomes.

Vicky has built the engineering team from the ground up and in a few short months, they released the first version of Fundamental Surgery, a VR simulator for surgical training that provides the most sophisticated haptics (sense of touch) on the market. This product has gone on to win several awards including Time Magazine Best Inventions for 2018 and AWE Auggie Award for Most Impactful Breakthrough 2018. Vicky is driving the company to success by leading the technical strategy which has been instrumental in obtaining VC funding. She has also worked on research and development leading to the submission of three patent applications in the area of VR haptic surgical simulation in which she is named as a joint inventor.

Vicky has used her understanding of the challenges facing women in the tech industry to actively improve opportunities and awareness of the roles available. Since 2014, Vicky has organized a yearly work experience scheme, giving weeklong placements in tech companies to girls and has become both a role model and a positive influence in anyone she has worked within the tech industry.