Tim Noblett

Tim Noblett, Head of Data, TBWALondon
As co-chair of OPEN Pride UK, the OMNICOM LGBT+ group, Tim has developed a programme of activities that support Omnicom LGBT+ employees and engage allies across 5000 people and 50 agencies. OPEN Pride UK strives to educate agencies about the importance of accurately representing LGBT+ people in marketing communications; as part of this, Tim has held talks with the likes of Stonewall Chair Jan Gooding, who spoke about her advertising industry experiences and the power of agencies to make a difference. Believing passionately that the communications industry can invoke change, Tim uses his role within TBWALondon and OPEN Pride UK to educate strategists, account handlers and creatives about the diversity within the LGBT+ community, in order to drive better representation within campaigns.

Tim also helps run the annual the OPEN Pride UK Communications Awards, encouraging Omnicom agencies to use their creative power to help small LGBT+ organisations. Tim has personally developed TBWALondon’s relationship with Naz and Matt Foundation, which has helped a wider audience understand the problems facing LGBT+ people from faith backgrounds in the UK.

Furthermore, Tim is jointly responsible for ensuring workplace diversity and inclusion within TBWALondon, working on programmes including Omniwomen, OPEN Pride and ADCOLOR. He is also heavily involved in Project 2020, an initiative which aims for a 20% increase in the number of women in leadership roles across the TBWA network by 2020. Tim believes that a diverse and inclusive workplace widens an agency’s perspective and inspires creativity, making for a great place to work.