The Social Element

From its origins in 2002, The Social Element has curated a mutually supportive and caring culture that values new ideas, ways of thinking and - most of all - its people.

Not only is the business woman-owned,it is also women-led. All five of the agency's executive positions are filled by a team of incredibly connected, inspiring women spread across London, Valencia, Aberdeen and North Carolina. Under their direction and the vision of its CEO and Founder Tamara Littleton (she/her), The Social Element has nurtured a workforce that represents the world, located across more than 40 countries, having a culturally and gender diverse makeup and ranging in age from their early twenties to their seventies. This has created a resilient and forward-thinking business, something felt by employees and clients. This commitment to building an inclusive business came into its own during the pandemic. Having already forged a diverse and mainly remote team from the beginning meant that the company was in a prime position to help clients to create genuine human connections between themselves and their customers when they needed it the most. Diversity is baked into their ethos, but over the last 18 months, they have formalised the importance of diversity and inclusion to them. Alongside a range of internal activities to improve gender, sexuality and racial diversity, they recently achieved Bronze accreditation with Creative Equals and were described as “one of the most diverse companies we've ever worked with” by Creative Equals CEO, Ali Hanan (she/her). This is just the start.