Taisiya Merkulova


In 2018 Taisiya was selected as one of the 20 Women in Data and Tech for building her own DMP and enhancing the marketing data science capabilities at Photobox.

Since joining Captify, Taisiya has built a new global team that focuses on key performance pillars - data, product, partners and supply. The team is central to innovation and operational excellence for activation of programmatic campaigns. She plays a pivotal role in Captify through product incubation and global operational adoption. Taisiya has coached the technical capacity of her team to be able to produce a number of product MVPs with a few now integrated as a part of the new Sense product which recently won the AdWeek “Search Platform of the Year” award. This year she began an MBA with Quantic School of Business and Technology and was awarded a Leadership Scholarship Award for Women in Tech. She has been an active participant of Bloom events since 2017, part of Bloom Boost in 2020 and became a Bloom member in 2021. She is a part of the event and skill sharing teams, leading platforms, ticket sales and logistics for Bloomfest 2021. Through Bloom and BelEve schemes Taisiya has mentored 5 different women interested in joining the STEM field as well as being interested in the media communications industry. She is an #IamRemarkable trainer, holding group sessions on empowering underrepresented groups to feel comfortable speaking about their achievements.