Sarah Conway

Sarah Conway, Precision Planner, Wavemaker
Inclusivity isn’t about “including everyone”.

It’s not enough to include people. People need to feel like they belong. I’ve learned this first hand over the last 18 months – having been diagnosed with MS last May.

But inclusivity isn’t new for me; I have been keenly involved in initiatives over the last 10 years; active from the start of [email protected] – sharing lessons gleaned from being part of [email protected] earlier in my career.

At [email protected] I lead the “inspiration” pillar – one of three in the network, which brings together speakers and panels, facilitates discussions, and surfaces a pool of female speaking talent within the agency.

This year, I’ve launched Enable - a support network for disability and neurodiversity at Wavemaker with a single-minded focus of making the agency better positioned to attract, retain, develop and promote disabled and neurally diverse talent.

Part of the first wave is training Ability Allies, equipped with the knowledge to support a range of impairments; I’ve delivered BSL training and autism awareness training, and produced a range of materials to raise awareness specifically about impairments like dyslexia, hearing loss, visual impairments and mobility.

Outside of work, I am consulting with the MS Society to help them co-design their support services for people with MS who want to find work and / or stay in work beyond their diagnosis and symptoms. My goal is to be a positive force in bringing more people with disabilities into our industry and really walk the talk of disability confident.