Sarah Broadbent

Sarah Broadbent, Producer & HR Director, Orillo Films
In 2016 we had an 2 big issues:

1) We were a York based company wanting to be recognised in London.
2) Our team were lacking confidence, seeing working in Orillo as a stepping stone, rather than a career.

Tackling issue one, Sarah changed her own career path, transitioning from Editor to Producer. She managed to tackle the growing number of brands we worked with in-house or via an agency, and enabled Orillo to step up and offer what the agencies we’d previously worked with could, genuinely well produced films by instilling confidence in our clients, and confidence in Orillo’s employees. She managed to win and manage film projects direct with clients like Dulux, Macmillan and Unilever. This allowed Orillo to grow their team and open up an office in London. Trying to be a rebel production company that actioned change we opened our doors to anyone that wanted to make films from helping start-ups launch their products to large multi-platform campaigns for

Number 2 was a little harder, going straight from university to having a team of 14 across two offices, meant Sarah had to learn fast. Sarah has created a culture in Orillo Films that we feel all companies should follow, 28 days holiday plus 10 days at Christmas, flexible working hours, breakfast paid for, phone bills paid for, ‘Passion Project’ funding, away weekends, sabbaticals, a generous pension and ‘Wellness and Personal Growth’ funding, all implemented before her 30th birthday. She was the change people wanted.