Sara McCorquodale

Sara McCorquodale, Founder & CEO, CORQ
Sara McCorquodale is single-handedly shaping the world of Influencer Marketing. As the leading authority in the UK influencer space, she launched CORQ. in 2018 with a view to provide brands and agencies with an independent, informed, and journalistically led platform they could trust. Although driven by data, Sara also spotlights the storytelling aspect of the Influencer narrative: a journalist herself, she wanted the platform to report on the human side of influencer marketing, to delineate the people behind the data in order to help brands form better partnerships.

To Sara, the most important element of influencer marketing is engagement - you can no longer rely on follower numbers to make decisions about the right influencers for your brand. Influencer marketing is now fundamentally about the ability to ignite informed conversations in the digital environment.