Jen Smith

Jen Smith, Co-Founder, Craft Media London
18 months ago we realized that the media and advertising industry had hit peak bullshit, full of angst and silos, murky transactions and short term vision. So we launched Craft. Craft is a specialist communication consultancy that sits in the middle between creative and media, making sense of the myriad of channels, managing audiences and messaging and ensuring that marketing is effective not just efficient. We don’t buy media so we’re always neutral. We love a creative debate. We never try to be lead agency. Clients choose to work with us because we can always find a solution quickly.

We’re now a team of eight senior strategists. Our launch has debunked many media myths:

• Collaboration and flexibility is productive: None of us work 9am-5pm. The majority of us blend work with the demands of being a parent. We use new tech - slack, google docs, whatsapp - to help our business run smoothly. We just get stuff done despite not sitting in an office all day.

• Strategy is not a loss leader: Clients value it and will pay for it when done well and consistently.

• Pitching is a waste of time: Our second year revenue will surpass £1.2m with a healthy pipeline of new projects that come to us through referral not competitive pitch.

• Small business does not equal small clients: We are proud to have worked with over 20 clients since launch: ASOS, Which?, Nike Swim, St John Ambulance, Body Shop, Headspace and Brewdog.