Rosie Kitson

Rosie Kitson, Head of Strategy, Mindshare
Rosie is on a mission to make media matter for the brief of our lives; the climate emergency.

Rosie works on holding the space for Mindshare to face into the opportunity that the shift to purpose-driven business and the climate crisis presents. She believes in harnessing Mindshare’s creative and strategic firepower to create a better world fit for future generations, and lead the industry and clients into a safe, sustainable and commercially successful future. As evidenced in the Campaign article where Unilever have embraced Mindshares ‘Change the Brief’ initiative creating responses which are more mindful of the world we live in and challenge our clients to think differently.

Since the beginning of this journey, Rosie has shown remarkable resilience and persistence in this work. Taking set-backs as only temporary obstacles. She always sees the bigger picture.

However, her biggest superpower is her ability to empathise with everyone. You can see it in her strategy work, creating powerful ideas that connect with audiences, but most crucially for this work, you can see it with the people she works with day to day. She brings them along, from wherever they stand, be they hardened skeptics or wide-eyed idealists.

Rosie has courage. She faces into the difficult questions such as how can we balance the need for business growth and create a world that’s fit for our children to grow up in?

What is needed to address climate change? I’ve learnt, it takes committed individuals. Rosie is one of them.