Paula MacKenzie


Paula is responsible for nearly 1,000 restaurants and 28,000 team members across the UK & Ireland. Under Paula’s stewardship, KFC has transformed.

With brand health scores at all-time high and record sales, UK&I is the fastest growing KFC market across the globe and the largest outside of the US and China. This is no mean feat. It's Paula’s incomparable strategic vision to make KFC the nation’s favourite restaurant brand that's made this possible. Paula has navigated KFC through two-character testing crises: the 2018 chicken distribution crisis and Covid-19. Through both, the business bounced-back stronger; and was the first QSR to re-open during COVID, creating a recovery blueprint that the sector followed. Good strategy well-executed will achieve results, but culture trumps strategy, and Paula has nurtured a unique culture. Inspiring innovation, inclusivity, operational excellence, and bold creative thinking – from head office to franchisees and restaurant teams – Paula has created a winning formula. Dropping KFC’s slogan during the pandemic, leading the reconfiguration of asset designs to make refurbishments affordable for franchisees, putting KFC at the forefront of chicken welfare (securing top-spot in World Animal Protection’s 2021 Pecking Order), and introducing half-day Fridays at head-office. Her impact is undeniable. Paula is tthe heartbeat of KFC, ensuring the business is a force for good, with responsibility and sustainability baked into the strategy. She mentors female entrepreneurs within the industry, and has a passion for social justice, which inspires tangible action at KFC. KFC would not be in the position it is today without her.