Olivia Wedderburn

TMW Unlimited

Olivia heads up TMW Unlimited’s Social and Influence team, and acts as a valuable social lead for the wider Unlimited group remit, shaping the strategic direction for the businesses multitude of clients. Sitting on the Strategy Leadership Team, she is responsible for ensuring the execution of best-in-class social content, community management and influencer partnerships for TMW’s award winning client roster. She helps to ensure the team are category leading by working with industry bodies such as the DMA – where she is Co-Chair of the Social Media Council, and BIMA – where she was listed at one of the BIMA100. Her work here shapes best practice documents for the l industry, as well as advising on government legislation. She is working with the DMA to advise the government to better regulate social platforms, especially enforcing age-gating. She regularly chairs live innovation sessions with her Social Committee cohort, helping marketers navigate key topics of interest.

Olivia is also passionate about using her knowledge to help counter some of the negative aspects of the modern world, which in the most part is fuelled by social media. In the wake of the BLM protests of 2020, Olivia worked alongside other concerned colleagues to form YouBoard, TMW’s first Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and wrote a piece for The Drum encouraging brands to participate in the Facebook boycott. She also works as a social consultant for Mothership, an eco-movement aimed at galvanising concerned parents on the small actions they can take to help shaper their kids futures.