Nadja Lossgott

Nadja Lossgott, Executive Creative Director, AMVBBDO
Not only has Nadja taken the reigns of AMV BBDO, one of the world’s most awarded creative agencies, but she’s the youngest, the first woman and (alongside her partner Nicholas Hulley) only the fourth pair of hands since David Abbott to do so.

But breaking new ground should come as no surprise. She’s reached this summit by building a body of work and forging a path that dynamites boundaries with empathy, beauty, honesty, humour and imagination.

In 2017, she threw the big red bomb that is Bloodnormal into the world. After facing visceral rejection and bans, it has gone on to change a category, change a company and change the way women and periods are represented in the media. Her creative empathy is killing shame as Bloodnormal continues to break media boundaries in country after country.

Whether she’s defying broadcasters to normalise periods, creating a new country out of ocean rubbish (the Trash Isles), having a Met Police counter-terrorism podcast reach no.2 on the iTunes charts, being part of the team turning worthless Zimbabwean dollars into billboards to denounce dictatorship, or writing documentaries about Congolese dandies, Nadja consistently creates and leads mould-breaking work with deep meaning and cultural impact.

Nadja’s work has been recognised by governments, housed in the British Museum and Design Museum and out of many, many awards won, has won the awards that are the true benchmarks of creativity that finds new paths – from a Glass Grand Prix and multiple Cannes Titaniums to a Black Pencil.