Mindshare Worldwide & UK

Mindshare puts the well-being of its employees first, it acknowledges that people are an agency’s number one priority and only through supporting and nurturing those people can they reach their true potential.

With hybrid-working posing new well-being challenges, the ‘Balance’ initiative has adapted to improve employee engagement, build communities, and encourage collaboration across teams. Recruiting Balance Coordinators – employees with a passion for well-being – has meant that Balance has been able to deliver more sessions, host 3 ‘Balance weeks’ and expand to the global network. The team has put on 45 sessions which were attended by 300+ employees. Balance has also collaborated with the Mental Health Allies and diversity and inclusion Employee Resource Groups across ‘The Collective’ to deliver safe rooms and other panel discussions. The Mental Health Allies initiative has also expanded, now with 25 allies, the group works to provide a confidential listening ear to employees, put on discussion events and conduct surveys to establish where problems arise. There is also a Balance Champions programme, which has been running in APAC for 4 years but has launched in the UK this year. The programme provides information on the 5 areas of stress (physical, emotional, mental, relational and spiritual), leans into the power of presence and gives practical tools to combat stress. The company also offers multiple employee benefits geared at improving well-being across Mindshare and all of these initiatives are constantly expanding and adapting to ensure employees’ well-being is a top priority.