Martina Poulopati

Martina Poulopati, Global Brand Communications/Global Brand, Innovation & Sustainability, Essity
Meet Martina Poulopati the clients behind Red.Fit, Blood Normal and Viva La Vulva, campaigns awarded 200+ times.

At global hygiene company Essity, together with AMV BBDO, they developed the Live Fearless platform for feminine hygiene brands Libresse / Bodyform. In 2016, they launched Red.Fit, tackling the taboo of periods and sports. In 2017, gathering even more courage, came #bloodnormal with a bold statement normalizing periods. In 2018, they launched Viva La Vulva, opening up and normalizing the education, appearance, care and conversation around the vulva.

With empathy, judgement and bravery, they risked their jobs to make these ground-breaking campaigns, smashing engrained societal taboos, fighting media owners, defying broadcast bans, pushing hesitant local markets and overcoming almost impossible internal obstacles to create a new normal for women. It was risky, but they did it not for glory, but because they felt it was right. And all over the world women have thanked them for that.

They revolutionized the brand by redefining the brand purpose, changed a category that can never look back and made a traditional Swedish FMCG company see communications in a completely new way, inspiring other categories to act as bravely as they did. And they don’t plan on stopping any time soon