Laura Jordan Bambach

Laura Jordan Bambach, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder, Mr. President
If anyone in our industry lives and breathes the definition of ‘championing change’ it is the SheSays co-founder and CCO of Mr. President, Laura Jordan Bambach.

Laura is a prominent voice championing bold creative experimentation, gender equality and diversity. In 2019 she was invited onto the Cannes Lions stage no less than 8 times to discuss diversity and inclusion.

Her agency’s core mission is to work with progressive-minded clients such as the LGBT charity Stonewall. A third of Mr. President’s campaign output in the past year directly addressed gender equality in its content, and the agency is 100% committed to diversity in its campaign casting. Brands including VF Corporation, Google and Facebook often invite Laura to give talks to their global diversity and inclusion teams.

Laura is co-founder of SheSays, a 60,000-strong community across 50 cities that works to get more women into the creative industries. She serves on the board of Creative Equals and is a founding member of the Google-backed initiative RARE for which she leads courses to upskill diverse individuals into leadership roles - the next is in Tokyo this December.

Laura brings her passion for diversity to client campaigns including “Alexa, Come Out for LGBT” for Stonewall and Plan International’s “Girls Get Equal” , which launched on International Day of the Girl.

As a creative mentor to young female creatives and as one of the few female CCOs in our industry, Laura is a prominent leader and doer who perfectly encapsulates the essence of a ‘female frontier’.