Laura Fenton


Laura joined OMD UK in 2004 as a fresh-faced graduate and rapidly ascended the ranks to become the agency’s first ever female CEO just 16 years later in December 2020. This impressive rise included a stint as OMD UK’s first part-time Managing Director, balancing agency leadership with proud parenting of two young children.

Laura’s impact as CEO has been immediate. Just one year into the job she has led the post-pandemic recovery of OMD UK, adding £81m of net new business billings across five consecutive wins without losing a single client; pitching and retaining Channel 4, the agency’s flagship client of 34 years; leading client satisfaction scores to an all-time high; and growing billings by 43% and revenue by 9%. Laura’s remarkable progression and incredible business success through one of the most challenging periods in living memory can be attributed to her unique brand of leadership. She seamlessly blends hard and soft skills, with strategic vision, direction, decisiveness and resilience equally matched by empathy, sensitivity, care, and kindness. But Laura’s ultimate purpose is to inspire change; to lead from the front and demonstrate that you can be a woman and a mum in a senior leadership position and maintain your personality, your humour, your authenticity, and your life! And to actively champion under-represented groups to change the future face of the media industry.