Landy Slattery

Landy Slattery, Creative Director of All 4, Channel 4
As Creative Director of All 4, Landy recently rebranded Channel 4’s online platform. Giving the brand a strong identity that can support the full breadth of All 4 content. Landy makes the ambitious marketing strategy an impactful creative reality in this growing area of the business. Always on the lookout for innovative ways for creative to reach people - she was asked to play a key role in an on-going project, to put creative energy behind building an inclusive culture at Channel 4. Finding the things, big and small that make and enrich employee experience and creatively supporting the business internally. This work especially supports the employee networks of which she is fully involved (founder and co-chair of 4Women). 3yrs ago she became Chair of Promax UK, the industry body for celebrating tv marketing creative. She helped hit the reset button on the organisation by re-shaping the exec to involve a wide cross section of industry players; mixing creatives and marketeers both from traditional broadcast and new SVOD platforms. It also now runs creative courses, inspirational in-depth industry talks plus mentoring for young people trying to get into the creative industries, as well as the long standing award ceremony. She has made Promax a much more meaningful advocate of promo-makers across the industry.

She still manages to find time to mentor a handful of young creatives. Landy mixes her high standard of creative work with her people skills at Channel 4 to everyone’s benefit. - Chris Wood, ECD, 4Creative, Channel 4