Lai-Ping Lai

Lai-Ping Lai, Chief Product Officer,
Lai-Ping joined in October 2018 as Chief Product Officer. No other business in the world can do what we do at - create a unique recipe for every single dog on a mass scale - and it’s down to our industry-leading, game-changing marriage of technology and manufacturing. Our proprietary systems and technology platforms make us a world class example of industry 4.0, and with her background at tech giants such as Microsoft, eBay and Skype, Lai-Ping was the obvious choice to join the team and harness our technology to drive forward and shape our business for the future.

Under Lai-Ping’s leadership, we have heavily invested in growing our technology team across software development, product design and UX. Lai-Ping put a spotlight on fixing fundamental issues that were a result of such rapid growth of the business prior to her joining, and has accelerated the implementation of feedback - making more agile and increasingly responsive. She has challenged her team constantly to test and learn more rigorously, bring innovative solutions to problems and focus on continuous technological improvement e.g. a program of tests that have collectively delivered a relative OSC uplift of over 22%.

Her fresh insight and influence have driven transformation from a cultural perspective, facilitating a refocus of our vision on how technology can help us serve more customers, faster and, each one still completely customised.